Previous Issues

Volume 8, Issue 1, 2020

Non-traditional Alternatives to Field Education Observations Due to COVID – 19 Interruptions- Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives

Louis Charles Glover, Ed.D., Michelle Adcock (Student, College of Education), Jasmine Valencia (Student, College of Education), Jesus Dimas (Student, College of Education), Erin Bamford (Student, College of Education), Ladonna Munson Gulley, Ed.D.

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2019

Does Urban Centric Locale Impact Teacher’s Perception of Diversity

Louis Charles Glover, Ed.D., LaDonna L. Gulley, (Doctoral Candidate)

Preservice Teachers’ Perceived Science Teaching Readiness

Louis Charles Glover, Ed.D., Michaeal W. Spaulding, Ed.D., Elizabeth Stratton, Ed.D., Harriette L. Spiegel, Ph.D.

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2018

Creative Writing Essay for Non-Native Speaker of English – First Place
Shymayal Nassar

Creative Writing Essay for Non-Native Speaker of English – Second Place
Alyshia Nath

Creative Writing Essay for Non-Native Speaker of English – Third Place
Ahmed Mohamed

A Comparative Analysis of the Appreciation of Diversity in the USA and UAE
L. “Rusty” Waller, PhD, Sharon K. Waller, PhD, Lavelle Hendricks, PhD, Ray Keck, PhD, Fatima Naser Al Ali, Mohammad Yarjan

Volume 5, Issue 3, 2016

Validation of the Findings of an Appreciation of Diversity Inventory Conducted in the United Arab Emirates
Ahad Al Hebsi, Fatima Aly, Aamer Al Teneiji, Sherin El Sayed, Lincoln D. Pettaway, PhD, L. “Rusty” Waller, PhD

The Lived Experiences of Expatriate Workers within the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Lincoln D. Pettaway, PhD,

Special Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, 2016 

International Conference on Educational Theory and Research – ICETR 2016: 
Transitions in Higher Education

Welcome from the Editor: Special Issue 2016
Rick Lumadue

The Relation Between Exposure to Electromagnetic Field and Daily Life Cycle: Affects on Learning in Students
Filiz Öğce, Deniz Talaz, Deniz Harputlu, Gülem Atabay, İlgi Şemin and Sevil Telli

The Relationship between School Principals’ Humor Styles and School Climate
Mehmet Çanak and Başak Coşkun Demirpolat

Bridging the Gap between Preparatory Classes and Freshman Courses in Higher Education
İlkem Kayican and Amy Stopper-Uzunkoca

Investigation of Teachers’ Attitudes toward Reporting Child Sexual Abuse According to Gender Roles
Burhan Capri and Zeynep Demiröz

Does Democratic Education Have to be a Liberal Education? A Philosophical Assessment
Devrim Kabasakal Badamchi

Design In Interior Architecture/Design and “THE REAL LIFE”
Murat Özdamar

Flip The Page: Reinvigorating Literature in the Classroom through Flipped Learning
Eric James Beyer and Jonathan Mark Day

Self-Awareness Levels of English Language Teacher Trainees
Feryal Cubukcu

The Effects of Applying Critical Thinking Skills on EFL Medical Students’ Argumentative Writing
Zahra Shahsavar, PhD and Nasrin Shokrpour, PhD

The World is My World: An Exploration of the 21st Century Language Learner
Havva Kurt Taşpinar

Faculty not Factory
Hristo Chukurliev

Dialects in Design Learning
Özgen Osman Demirbaş and Güler Ufuk Demirbaş

The Role of Creative Drama on Prospective English Teachers’ Academic Achievement
Berna Güryay

Developing a Cross-Cultural Design Methodology: A study of UK-South Korean Collaboration in Higher-Education Design
Dong Yeong Lee and Jennifer Bain

Flipped Learning with Turkish Students: Issues of Dissonance to Possible Harmonization
Joel David Compton

Just One More Hit: Student Engagement with Pre-Class Videos in the Evolution of an English for Academic Purposes Course from Traditional to Flipped
Joshua Shannon-Chastain and Caroline Fell Kurban, PhD

Evaluation of The Readiness of Vocational School of Health Services’ Students
Fundaİfakat Tengiz, MD, PhD, Sevil Telli, Hasan Durmuş, TürkanAlkan Özbay, Ezgi Oral, YavuzSelim Süral, MD, Hatch Ayan and İlgi Semin

The Simulation Game ECOMAN as a Powerful Learning Tool
Melissa Michielsen

Initiatives to Enhance European Awareness
Oliver Holz

Social Phobia in Higher Education: The Influence of Nomophobia on Social Phobia
Dr. Şengül Uysal, Yrd. Doç Dr. Hamit Özen and Dr. Canan Madenoğlu

Whose responsibility is it in Higher Education to develop undergraduate students’ notion of democratic citizenship?
Rhian Webb and Troy Sarina

Social Gender Inequality in Terms of Academic Signs in Higher Education of Turkey: Horizontal and Vertical Differentiation
Mehmet Akif Sözer and Burcu Sel

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2016

Educational Leadership: Challenges in United Arab Emirates
Reham Zahran, Lincoln D. Pettaway, PhD, L. “Rusty” Waller, PhD and S. Waller, PhD

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Volume 4, Issue 1, 2015

Project RITE (Research of Instructional Technology in Education) Research Proposal – How Does a Web 2.0 Based Technology Integration Course Develop TPACK Ready Preservice Teachers
Michael Spaulding, EdD & Louis C. Glover, EdD

Physical Education in the United Arab Emirates: Reflections from the Field
Shaikha Al Tenaiji & Justina Osa, PhD

A History of Education in the United Arab Emirates and Trucial Sheikdoms
Ali Alhebsi, Lincoln D. Pettaway, PhD & L. “Rusty” Waller, PhD

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2014

Three Predictors of African American Male Faculty’s Organizational Commitment
Lincoln D. Pettaway, PhD

Virtual and Physical Connections: An Assessment of an Online Program
Stacy Creel, PhD and Teresa S. Welsh, PhD

Closing the Digital Divide and its Impact on Minorities
Michael Boone, Research Assistant, Lavelle Hendricks, EdD and Rusty Waller, PhD

Google Plus Integration into Higher Education
Jose Lineros, Doctoral Candidate

Alternative Disciplinary Placements in Texas
Sharon Waller, PhD and Rusty Waller, PhD

In-service Teachers’ Perceptions Toward iPad Integration
Michael W. Spaulding, EdD and Louis C. Glover, EdD

Volume 2, Issue 4, 2013

Welcome from the Editor – Fall 2013
Rick Lumadue, PhD

2013 Learning Impact Awards e-Texts and Adaptive Learning Leading the Way to an Emerging World of Educational Apps
IMS Global Learning Consortium

Cultural Divergence in Academic Writing: A Case Study of the Research Article Introduction in Arabic
Hmoud Alotaibi, PhD and Lucy Pickering, PhD

The 21st Century Principal: A Study of Technology Leadership and Technology Integration in Texas K-12 Schools
Donna Fisher, EdD and Rusty Waller, PhD

Conversation of Watershed Resources using Biological Management Programs
Dr. Masoud Nasri, Hassan Yeganeh, Yaser Ghasemi Arian, and Hazmeh Abmadi Kareh

Investigation of Water Resources Sustainability in Khansar Township Watersheds
Dr. Masoud Nasri, Ali Najafi, Mansour Shisheforosh, and Yousef Moradi

Volume 2, Issue 3, 2013

Welcome from the Editor – Summer 2013
Rick Lumadue, PhD

Investigating the Application of Six Sigma Methodology and Quality Control Tools and Techniques in Sepanhan Oil Company
Masoud Hekmatpanah, Arash Shahin, Natraj Ravichandran and Hammed Ahmadi

Economic Recession and Indian Real Estate – Hopes and Implications
D.D. Chaturvedi and Ms. Meenakshi Sharma

Errors and Frauds in Financial Transactions: Auditors Opinion
Renu Gupta and Prof. K.V. Bhanu Murthy

Do Building Up of Values Matter? An Analysis of Ethical Values of Accounting Professionals and Unethical Reporting Practices in Accounting
Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh and Dr. Sakshi Vasudeva

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2013

Welcome from the Editor – Spring 2013
Rick Lumadue, PhD

An Audit on Globalization – The Nigerian Perspective!
Okoro Benedict. C

Islamic Economy: A Critical Analysis on Capitalism
Ali Almasiand Muhammad SadeghAmindin

Trends and Patterns of House Hold Saving In India (Pre and Post Economic Reforms)
Rekha Mehta, PhD

Towards Integrated Reporting – The Pivotal Role of IIRC
Sunita Gupta, PhD

A Development of Healthy Promotion Model by E-SAN Folk Healer’s Wisdom
Patthira Phon-ngam, PhD

An Empirical Analysis of Role Stressors in Banking Sector
Nidhi Dhawan

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces the 2013 Learning Impact Award Winners

Volume 2, Issue 1, 2013

Welcome from the Editor – Winter 2013
Rick Lumadue, PhD

Graduated e-Teaching Levels in Higher Education
Jose Lineros, MA,  Maria Hinojosa, EdD

Predictors of student preference for online courses
Louis C. Glover, EdD and Veronica Evans Lewis, PhD

Impact of Globalization on Developing Countries and India
Sikander Singh

Volume 1, Issue 4, 2012

Nethnodrama in Higher Education: Avatars Facilitate Cultural Commentary for Professors
Tara Tietjen-Smith, DA,  Sandy Kimbrough, PhD and Betty A. Block, EdD

The Impact of Mobilization in Higher Education
Robbie K. Melton, PhD and Nicole M. Kendall, EdD

Technological Fluency in Teacher Preparation
Jeanetta Groce, MA, Michelle Jenkins, MA, and Rick Lumadue, PhD

Volume 1, Issue 3, 2012

Welcome from the Editor – Fall 2012
Rick Lumadue, PhD

Student Preference Online Versus Traditional Courses
Louis C. Glover, EdD and Veronica Evans Lewis, PhD

The iPad in a Freshman Success Seminar: A Pilot Study
Lavelle Hendricks, EdD, Leah Wickersham, PhD, and Rick Lumadue, PhD

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